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turn up the stereo; this is our california song [14 Mar 2005|12:16am]

[ mood | blah ]

cheers, new song. trigger the legends, you trigger our hopes. it's pretty straightforward but it doesn't need to be california. it could be anywhere everywhere. listen to it on purevolume or myspace

I say "we're big shots in this small town,"
but we haven't even left the barrel of the gun
and you haven't even pulled the trigger

let's make white windowsills shake & shiver
and make vows to the local cemetary
cause we're leaving
because the dead here are more alive than
the fake b r e a t h i n g.

we're not gonna be a choked generation

because I've heard legends about places
with names with syllables
like California

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spread it like hot gossip|desperate ears want to hear|something along the words of "I love you..." [30 Jan 2005|07:24pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

so how is everyone? I know this is a very inactive community. so we'll have to nudge and poke and kiss people to make them talk. we got the newest style of interragating. anyways, here's some love.

and the lyrics came from an el jay entry. funny how things work, huh? I was looking for some words because I liked the tune I was getting from peterrabbit{guitar}. but I couldn't find anything. so I just took a paragraph from my el jay. and it turned out okay so I decided to upload it.

like it or hate it?
here are the lyrics:

words for the eyes while the ears are having fun {no jealously around here}Collapse )

by the way, this is actually my personal el jay. I have it on no comments so it'll feel more like an actual journal. why are we all here anyways? I'm hoping I can write whatever I want and most of all write honestly. because that's what you guys deserve. friend me if you are willing to be one.

P.S. poke|nudge|kiss, valentine's day is coming up. what are you doing? I'm in a love|hate relationship with this holiday. I'm happy for people who are blessed to find someone to share it with, but it's such a drag to go through when you're alone like me.

write back soon.

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it actually snowed here in texas. okayyy...maybe flurried a little...I miss canada. [27 Dec 2004|02:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

so I finally threaded bits & pieces and got a song out of it. :)
merry {belated} christmas.

go on purevolume
or if you prefer myspace

the song is called
you make us flowers go weak

the blinds are dilapidated
so are the sounds emigrating through
carpet steady
my feet are comnig through
and with it welcome
the friends we drew
spell the words on wallpaper
the flowers savor
their mystery characters
love is manufactured underneath
warm blankets
oh yeah, truth is cheap
black top hats for gentlemen
to charm the ladies who are skipping
we know you're skipping meals
don't skip your meals
candles are dripping
no one's forgiving
let's forget
we've ever met
walk away
to lie in bed again
with someone who has no name
who needs a name
names don't matter anymore
what were you thinking
what were you thinking
carve a one liner as you walk out of the door
hey darling
why are you sleeping on the floor
come back up I'm cold & what are you looking for
your skirt's over the chair
what was your name again
your hair's pretty
are you still lonely
hey where are you going
I say your window needs fixing

okay. who wants to add their two cents? :)

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let's converse [27 Nov 2004|07:22pm]

don't worry I'll re-record this sooner or later, here are the lyrics for lucky strikes are between us:

let's strike up some conversations
we're matching matches remember
maybe if we're lucky
we'll burn up a house or two
let's go

let's strike up some conversations
we're lighting lighters remember
maybe if we're lucky
we'll light up an ending or two
we'll light up a street for you
let's converse

what did you say?
I can't hear you.
try *62
I can't hear you.

yeah you were a good cause
yeah you're such a good cause

let's be rockstars
let's hide from cameras
remember we're the audience
but we don't want to clap no more

let's strike up some conversations
we're matching matches remember
maybe if we're lucky
we'll burn up a house or two
lucky strikes


hey correct me if I'm wrong, because I forgot if it was *62 or *69 to redial the suckers who hang up on you?
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pass around the mic|sit down in circles|storytime aren't just for kindergardens [24 Nov 2004|08:13pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

this is a community for bm lovers. I'm Anne (vocals|guitar). there is no one else in this band. I hope one is a good enough number for you. you can converse about anything. bm hearts your stories. we're all reality tv shows. but most of us have no viewers. so vent. splurge. gossip. joke. heart. unfortunately break...

your turn.

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