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spread it like hot gossip|desperate ears want to hear|something along the words of "I love you..."

so how is everyone? I know this is a very inactive community. so we'll have to nudge and poke and kiss people to make them talk. we got the newest style of interragating. anyways, here's some love.

and the lyrics came from an el jay entry. funny how things work, huh? I was looking for some words because I liked the tune I was getting from peterrabbit{guitar}. but I couldn't find anything. so I just took a paragraph from my el jay. and it turned out okay so I decided to upload it.

like it or hate it?
here are the lyrics:

this week went well
even though I didn't steal as many hours of sleep as I wanted to
but it's okay
the week-end is here
so I'm just going to breathe in and out of lunch bags
until I get the oxygen to my heart in time for monday

I don't know if it was last night
I think it was
my room was so quiet
and the music was loud
it was beautiful soft-style
stereo on vibrations through bedsheets
and up & down the spine

my heart knew the time signature
and that one song through
it was dancing to the beats
like it does: through you

my heart's speaking gibberish
and I understand it

{thank you, I owe you crazy kids}

by the way, this is actually my personal el jay. I have it on no comments so it'll feel more like an actual journal. why are we all here anyways? I'm hoping I can write whatever I want and most of all write honestly. because that's what you guys deserve. friend me if you are willing to be one.

P.S. poke|nudge|kiss, valentine's day is coming up. what are you doing? I'm in a love|hate relationship with this holiday. I'm happy for people who are blessed to find someone to share it with, but it's such a drag to go through when you're alone like me.

write back soon.
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