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it actually snowed here in texas. okayyy...maybe flurried a little...I miss canada.

so I finally threaded bits & pieces and got a song out of it. :)
merry {belated} christmas.

go on purevolume
or if you prefer myspace

the song is called
you make us flowers go weak

the blinds are dilapidated
so are the sounds emigrating through
carpet steady
my feet are comnig through
and with it welcome
the friends we drew
spell the words on wallpaper
the flowers savor
their mystery characters
love is manufactured underneath
warm blankets
oh yeah, truth is cheap
black top hats for gentlemen
to charm the ladies who are skipping
we know you're skipping meals
don't skip your meals
candles are dripping
no one's forgiving
let's forget
we've ever met
walk away
to lie in bed again
with someone who has no name
who needs a name
names don't matter anymore
what were you thinking
what were you thinking
carve a one liner as you walk out of the door
hey darling
why are you sleeping on the floor
come back up I'm cold & what are you looking for
your skirt's over the chair
what was your name again
your hair's pretty
are you still lonely
hey where are you going
I say your window needs fixing

okay. who wants to add their two cents? :)
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